Monday, February 3

Paris Baguette

Breakfast time! After a quick stop for B at Caffe Bene for misgaru we grabbed coffee and goodies at a must stop on Broad Ave.

The pastry to the left of the coffee cup was called Squid Ink and I bought it along with my egg tart because it looked neat. I didn't realize it was a hot dog inside! It wasn't that bad either and I'm not much for corn dogs and the like.

Always a must visit when in town though Sundays are always crowded. But we lucked out this Sunday and beat the rush by coming when everyone was still at church.

Monday, January 27

Le Cou Cou Chicken

We kept it simple for our last meal with Ddukbokki and spicy chicken. It was yumny and everyone was happy though B ate less of the spicy rice cake than usual since they added mussels to the sauce. Me and J took care of them though.
I really enjoyed the cubed, pickled radish side dish seasoned with curry.
Originally we planned to go there after karaoke but we stayed screaming, err singing, far longer than planned and hit the liquor store on the way back to the hotel instead.

Sunday, January 26


B had been here a few times before but we wanted to try it out too.
What we got
Bin De Duk, green bean pancake, was a crowd pleaser.
Jae Yook Bokeum, pan-fried spicy pork, while not terribly spicy was delicious with peppers, onions, and zucchini.
Bu Dae Jungol, Army hot pot, was a nice and spicy stew with sausage and pork. It had kimchi, rice cake, tofu and ramen and was very filling.
For banchan B was very happy with kimchi radish and J loved the spicy tofu.

Overall it was a nice restaurant but with steeper prices not one I would visit often.

Saturday, January 25


Lunch time in Saturday and the flurries have started. That means it's the perfect time for Barley tea, Rabokki, Jeyook Doksot, & Kimbap.

We came once before when it was brand new so it's nice to see them still open!

The food was good but B was sad with the sparse banchan. It was packed with families and by the time we left the line was to the door.

Road Trip 2014

A quick stop for fuel before we headed out! Had plenty of time to play around with PicArts app on the four hours or so drive.

Won't get in until late and odds of soju tonight are low so even though I'm not much for breakfast food can't wait to gnaw on some Paris Baguette pastries in the morning.

We made it!

Apart from passing one bad accident on Merritt Parkway the drive was uneventful. Now we're watching a bit of tv oh and look a Kdrama on the Chinese channel is on!

Friday, January 24

Caffe Bene & Crome Bakeries

We didn't end up eating at Caffe Bene but got shakes there each day. I love the cozy decor and would love it if they opened one up in Boston.

Chrome is a new bakery that was a shoe store last time we came. M loved the open, modern atmosphere. I liked music videos playing but it was loud and a bit cold in there for me.

Wednesday, January 22

Countdown to Palisades Park

Only two days until our annual girl getaway where we visit New Jersey for all things Korean. We brave the chilly weather for food, The Face Shop, and karaoke. Ooh and Caffe Bene!

Maybe this year I can convince them to spend a few hours at King Sauna too!

Highlights from last year's trip: New Jersey Highlights

Video from first New Jersey Trip

Things to bring this year
  • Warmer clothes
  • A song list for karaoke
  • My cell phone to post pictures of the food you're all missing

Monday, January 20

Oh! Ottoke?

Love kimchi, soju, or kdramas but live far from South Korea? Me too!

While a trip across the world isn't in the works for me right now I make do with whatever Korean influences I can find nearby. Stops at HMart for Mocha bread and Misugaru or drama marathons on snow days are typical at my house.

So if you've spent the day salting cabbage for kimchi or yelled at ajooma dramas on Viki come commiserate!

This is my first attempt at mobile blogging so I apologize in advance for subpar grammar and photography.